simoneone is a line of sustainable paper products designed by Simona Bunardzhieva.

Simona is an artist and illustrator originally from Bulgaria, currently living in Berkeley, CA. She has been creating illustrations for projects such as children's books (Kobe Bryant), packaging design (John Masters Organics, Kiki's Cocoa, Cerveza Ilustrada), installations (Google, Lightform), murals (Senreve), advertising (Adobe, Facebook), and more.

Her dad taught her to respect nature at 17, when Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" came out. She has since volunteered with organizations such as the Youth Red Cross, Green Balkans, and has planted over 300 trees in Bulgaria, the UK, and California. Simona believes climate change is the single biggest thread we have faced and that we're running out of time. Through her line of sustainable products she hopes to educate (the challenge we face, but also that there's a way to abolish the use of plastic and non-renewable resources) and to celebrate (the beauty of design, and each other).

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