1) How much does it cost to sign up to become a vendor?
Free! If your application is approved, there is no cost to join, create a retail profile or become a part of our private members group. You will be charged only when you make a sale. You will be charged a 20% off your sales which covers all fees and commission. You will receive 80% of your sale plus the full amount of the shipping fee and taxes collected.

2) What is the private members group?
The private members group is a community based group comprised of fellow women business owners. This is a safe place to share ideas, resources, and get feedback. In addition we provide tutorials, articles and downloadable guides to help your business flourish and thrive. 

3) Do I have to pay extra to join the private members group?
Nope! The group is a place where members can connect and share ideas. There is no extra cost to be a part of it, however you will have to be an approved Women Made vendor with a completed profile to become a part of the group.

4) Who is responsible for shipping the items?
All vendors will be responsible for shipping their own items. You can add tracking through our portal so that customers are notified of shipment.

5) What if a customer wants to return or exchange something?
All vendors will be responsible for creating their own return/exchange policy which will be displayed on product pages. The customer must request a refund through the vendor and if approved, will receive a refund directly through Women Made. 

6) How will I get paid?
Payment will come through Paypal. You are required to have a Paypal or Paypal business account to receive payments.

7) When will I get paid?
You have full control over when you'd like to get paid. You can simply request payout in your vendor portal when you're ready to receive payment. 

8) Who is responsible for sales tax? 
At this time, vendors are responsible for all sales taxes made on their products.